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New Mexico VIN Inspection Service

MVD Now does level 1 and level 2 VIN inspections, level 3 is only performed by law enforcement facilities.

One of our DMV specialist’s will go to you for your VIN inspection if you’d like. Schedule an appointment or call us at 505-341-2683 today! We are close to home or work, for you! We are happy to help. Contact us today!

For out of state vehicles, VIN inspections can be completed on either a New Mexico VIN form, or an out of state form, as long as we have the customer name, driver’s license number, date of birth, the customer’s address, year, make, model, vehicle type, VIN, Nader, and odometer reading.

For motorcycles, the VIN and Nader must be on the form. A motorcycle with a VIN and Nader does not require the engine number if it is not accessible.

VIN inspections will expire after 90 days if not used for a title transaction.

A VIN inspection is required for vehicles coming to New Mexico from another state.


The VIN inspection can be conveniently done at one of our MVD Now locations by one of our DMV specialists or we’ll even go to you! Schedule an appointment at one of our 8 MVD Now locations or call us at 505-341-2MVD.

  • VIN inspections are required for all out-of-state title transfers or government titles.
  • To complete a VIN inspection, the Public VIN (drivers bottom corner on the windshield) and Nader Sticker (driver side door jamb) must be visible. If the Public VIN is missing or altered, you will need a Level 3 Inspection preformed by law enforcement. If the Nader Sticker is missing or altered, you will need to locate the VIN number on 2 permanent locations on the vehicle. (Ex. Firewall, Frame, Wheel Well, etc…)