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Need to proof your residency in New Mexico?

Whether you’re applying for a REAL ID, titling and registering your vehicle, or getting a driver’s license in New Mexico, you must establish proof of New Mexico Residency. 


  • The following documents must have the same physical address and be valid.
  • Documents can be from the same type of category, but not from the same company. (Ex. 2 utility bills are accepted, but not from the same company.)

Your New Mexico Residency Documents must match your current legal name:

  • It must include the suffix (example: Mrs.” and “Jr.”) if it is apart of your current legal name; and
  • It may include, omit or abbreviate your middle name.

Documents That Prove New Mexico Residency

Bring Two (2) Of The Following:

Documents Dated within 60 Days

  • Utility Bill (Ex. Gas, Electric, Propane, Water, Waste, Internet, Home Phone) No cell phone bill statements are accepted. 
  • Bank or Credit Card Statement (Must show incoming and outgoing transactions) No account balance or new account forms.
  • Pay Stub
  • Education Institution Document (Transcript, Report Card, or Enrollment) No school ID
  • City, Country, State, Tribal, or Federal Document Attesting to having Residency in New Mexico.

Documents Dated within 6 months

  • Local Property Tax Statement
  • Mortgage Statement
  • Insurance Bill, Card, or Binder

Documents with Current Date (not expired):

  • Real Property Rental or Purchase Agreement
  • New Mexico Public Assistance or Medical Card, letter or printout

For Minors Under 18 Years Old (Document Needs Current Date):