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MVDNow To-Go is the EASIEST way to maintain your Motor Vehicle needs here in New Mexico. Any of your general motor vehicle needs – as simple as tap, snap and done. #OneQuickTrip

Features: ● Obtain a REAL ID, Driver’s License Renewal, and State Identification Card. ● Manage your vehicles easily and securely. ● Receive renewal reminders when your registration or license is expiring. ● Renew Vehicle Registrations easily and quickly. ● Obtain a new title / registration ● Obtain and renew handicap placards ● Schedule VIN Inspections. ● Schedule Appointments. ● Replace Lost or Damaged License Plates ● Verify Title Status ( useful when buying a used vehicle ) ● Verify any MVD Documents ● Ask an MVD Now representative any DMV question. ● Calculate your DMV fees.