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New Mexico Driver’s License Renewal

In New Mexico, driver’s licenses are generally valid for 4 and 8 years (applicants 79 years old and greater receive a 1yr license) . It’s always smart to renew your NM driver’s license with the Department of Motor Vehicles before it expires to continue driving legally in the state. We’re happy to help you renew your driver’s license in one, quick trip!

When to Renew Your Driver’s License

You can renew your Driver’s License as early as 60 days before expiration. You can simply check your license for the expiration date, this will tell you everything you need to know. It’s also a law that anyone 79 years old and above is required to renew their driver’s license every year.


If your New Mexico Driver’s License has been expired for less than 1 year, no need to worry. You can renew your license without having to provide additional paperwork. As long as you keep the same type of license (REAL ID or Standard). If your New Mexico Drivers License has been expired for more than 1 year, you will need to bring in all the required paperwork for a first-time Driver’s License application. You will not need to retake the written or road test.  If your NM driver’s license has been expired for five years or longer, you will be required to re-take the written and road driver’s license tests if you’d like to renew.


Was your license stolen or misplaced? Here is what you need to know to replace your license.

  • As long as your license is not expired for more than 1 year, you can give us your social security number or other identification number used to obtain the license. We can look up your New Mexico record and replace your license without any additional documents. You will need to take a new picture.
  • If your license was stolen you can request a new Driver’s License number. You will first need to file a police report and bring a copy of it to the MVD office.
New Mexico Driver's License Renewal


If you have recently changed your name, please review the following important information.

If your proof of identity documents are made out in your CURRENT legal name, you do not need to provide proof of a name change. 

If your proof of identity documents are not made out in your current legal name, you need to provide proof of name change:

You must bring in one official documents that fully reflect the name change you’ve had. These can be:

  • Adoption records
  • Court orders
  • Marriage certificates
  • Divorce decrees

If there have been multiple name changes, you will need to provide documents to show a clear paper trail of all the name changes. 

Call and ask if a document you have can work at 505-341-2MVD. If you’ve had multiple name changes, please bring in official documents that can represent each name change.

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