Commercial Driver’s License Knowledge Exam

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Commercial Driver’s License Knowledge Exam

Are you applying for your CDL Permit but need to take your knowledge exam? Are you applying for a first-time Commercial Driver’s License and need to complete the singles and doubles knowledge exam? Do you need to take a specific knowledge exam to add an endorsement to your CDL?  Whatever the reason may be, MVD Now is ready to help you take any CDL knowledge exam on the spot, at any of our 7 locations.


New Mexico CDL knowledge exams are required for the following individuals:

  • Anyone applying for a first-time CDL Permit
  • Anyone applying for additional endorsements.
  • Anyone applying for a first-time New Mexico CDL
  • Any CDL expired more than 5 years

CDL knowledge exams are only available in English. Please give yourself up to 2 hours to complete the exam. If you wish to walk into our offices for a test, we recommend that you call ahead of time to ensure that the test station is available.


The CDL knowledge exams are NOT open book tests. We can provide study material that allows the driver to see what material the Federal Government requires them to know before they can have their license issued. During the test, the applicant is not allowed to use any aids. If an applicant is caught cheating, their test will be canceled and they will not be able to test for 1 year from the date the test was canceled. An applicant needs to score at least 80% to pass each exam. CDL applicants can take the CDL knowledge exam up to twice a week.

Cost: MVD Now Service Fee ($28 + tax)


MVD Now does not provide the CDL Skills Exam. CDL skills tests are given by four distinct groups of approved third-party examiners.

Public Third-Party Examiners: Most CDL examiners are public third-party examiners associated with one of six New Mexico public colleges and universities. They are authorized to administer the CDL skills test to the general public, including all CDL applicants except school bus drivers. They can be contacted by anyone who requires a skills test for the issuance of a commercial driver’s license.

Operating Engineers Local #953: Local #953 of the Operating Engineers, a heavy equipment union, trains union members to operate heavy equipment, including commercial vehicles. Operating Engineers examiners are authorized only to administer the CDL skills test to their own members.

PED School Bus Transportation Division: The School Bus Transportation Division of the New Mexico Public Education Department (PED) tests all school bus drivers. PED’s school bus examiners are not authorized to test any truck drivers or coach bus drivers. They may only examine yellow school bus drivers.

SD-1xx – New Mexico Department of Transportation: The New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) tests state employees. NMDOT’s examiners are not authorized to test anyone who is not a New Mexico state employee.

Get your CDL Testing Done!

We are happy to help you take your New Mexico Commercial Driver’s License Knowledge Exam at MVD Now. You can schedule with us or call us at 505-341-2MVD! If you are interested in taking your skills exam, please click on the link to be redirected to CNM Ingenuity. MVD Now does not provide CDL skills exams, only knowledge exams.